• Tammy

    "Best treat ever! Been using them for the horses and dog for years!"

  • Jessica

    "We have a horse we've dubbed a treat snob where my daughter's horse is boarded. I got a package of your treats today in our first "a horse box" and spirit ate four, begging for more! Up until these, he would only eat carrots and apples, no peppermint or any flavored treats."

  • Carlie

    "Excellent customer service, and even better treats that are healthy and delishish for my horses and dogs alike!"

  • Ellen

    "We love all natural Enjoy Yums... and our horses and dogs love them too! Feels good to give my pet a treat that is healthy for them. Keep up the great job!"

  • Mary

    "Delicious pocket sized Yums, are a delicious non-messy treat that are easy to reward and most importantly all my horses love"

  • Catherine

    "The horses an dogs loved them! I love how theres only select fresh ingredients!

    5 stars"